Dukkah Manakish - Pie

Dukkah Manakish - Pie

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Manakish Pie is savory pastry popular in the Levant Eastern Mediterranean region; it is almost the Middle Eastern equivalent of homemade flatbread pizzas. Manakish pie is yeast dough, its round flattened base like pita bread and after the dough has been rolled flattened, it is pressed by the fingertips to sculpt little dips for the topping to sit in, then it’s toppings with zaatar blend, dukkah blend, feta cheese, labne cheese, ground beef, etc. by sprinkles it on the dough, and usually it’s made as pita bread size.

Lema’s bakery Dukkah Manakish - Pie is made is prepared by sprinkles dukkah with sesame blend on manakish dough pie and then sprinkles some olive oil on the top of it, and then it’s baked in oven. Our dukkah manakish pie is made very small to be served as a small appetizer. It tastes so delicious and so richly. 

Usually, we are using Dukkah with Sesame blend, Tahoon brand, its Palestinian dukkah blend which is 100% Vegan and GMO free, its contents; whole wheat, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, sumac spice, brown lentil, almond, water melon seeds, cayenne sweet pepper, roasted sesame seeds, citric Acid and salt.

Lema’s bakery Dukkah Manakish Pie is often served warm as breakfast or lunch or dinner with labne kefir cheese or feta cheese, which complement the earthy bitterness of dukkah spice. A fresh garden vegetable likes; tomatoes, cucumbers are usually a part of the meal. They are the perfect make-ahead snack, appetizer, or even brunch! 

Lema’s bakery Dukkah Manakish Pie is prepared with premium quality ingredients to meet and exceed your expectations.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, milk, yeast, olive oil, salt, dukkah with sesame blend (wheat, cumin, coriander, sumac, lentil, almond, melon Seeds, cayenne sweet pepper, roasted sesame seeds, citric acid, salt), olive oil.

Lema’s bakery products are backed; it’s packed in small quantities to meet your needs.

Storage: Keep it at room temperature or refrigerate.