Ground Beef and Pomegranate Paste Pie - Sfeeha

Ground Beef and Pomegranate Paste Pie - Sfeeha

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Ground Beef and Pomegranate Paste Pie – Sfeeha is a savory pastry popular in the Levant Eastern Mediterranean region; it is almost the Middle Eastern equivalent of homemade flatbread pies.

Lema’s bakery Ground Beef and Pomegranate Paste Pie – Sfeeha is often served warm as breakfast or lunch or dinner with fresh garden vegetables salad, or yogurt or both, it’s usually a part of the meal. They are the perfect make-ahead snack, appetizer, or even brunch!

Sfeeha Dough Pie is made from pita dough bread topped with ground meat, chicken, cheese, zaatar, etc. and usually made as pita bread size but we do make it very small so it can be served as a small appetizer. Its round flattened base like pita bread, and after the dough has been rolled flat, it is pressed by the fingertips to sculpt little dips for the topping to sit in, then it’s toppings with mix of ground beef, pomegranate paste sauce, onion and Tahoon Baharat mix spice, and then its baked in oven. It tastes so delicious and so rich. 

Usually, we are using Baharat Mix Spice, Tahoon brand, it’s part of Middle-East mix spices, and its contents; allspice, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, black pepper and salt.

Pomegranate is a delicious fruit that has particular health benefits whether in its seeds, peel or juice, unrivaled by other foods. Pomegranate paste sauce is a popular paste in the Levant Eastern Mediterranean region, and it is commonly used to flavor foods. Pomegranate juice is the essential ingredient of preparing irreplaceable pomegranate molasses. Pomegranate molasses sauce is thick, dark red syrup with a very tart flavor. It differs from pomegranate juice in containing high antioxidants and a high concentration of vitamin B3, B5, B6 and B1, so pomegranate paste sauce has many medical benefits. 

Lema’s bakery Ground Beef and Pomegranate Paste Pie – Sfeeha is prepared with premium quality ingredients to meet and exceed your expectations.

Lema’s bakery Ground Beef and Pomegranate Paste Pie – Sfeeha is sold either frozen half-baked or completely-baked; it’s packed in small quantities to meet your needs.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, milk, yeast, olive oil, salt, ground beef, pomegranate paste sauce, onion, baharat mix spice. 

Storage: Keep it at room temperature or refrigerate.