Walnuts and Cinnamon Puff Pastry

Walnuts and Cinnamon Puff Pastry

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Puff pastry is a flaky light pastry made from laminated dough composed of dough and butter. The gaps that form between the layers left by the fat melting are pushed (leavened) by the water turning into steam during the baking process. Our puff pastry dough is a flaky light pastry stuffed with sweet and savory of crushed walnuts, cinnamon and brown sugar then baked and then by sprinkle on top with powdered sugar. It tastes so delicious and so richly.


Walnuts and Cinnamon puff pastry is often served warm as sweet for breakfast or lunch or dinner with fresh cup of coffee. They are the perfect make-ahead snack, appetizer, or even brunch!


Lema’s bakery walnuts and cinnamon puff pastry is prepared with premium quality ingredients to meet and exceed your expectation.


Ingredients: Wheat flour, butter, salt, walnuts, cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar.


Lema’s bakery products are sold frozen or backed; it’s packed in small quantities to meet your needs.                                                                                                                                     


To prepare it; defrost walnuts and cinnamon puff pastry, then heat up oven to 450 oF, and then bake it for 20 to 30 min till its layers rise up and become fluffy and have golden color, then right after it is baked and while it is hot, sprinkle on top of it with powdered sugar, or glaze it with sugar syrup.


How to prepare sugar syrup;

Ingredients: 2 cups (16oz/450g) sugar, 1.50 cup (12floz/350ml) water, 1 teaspoons lemon juice, 1 tablespoon butter, 1 tablespoon honey.

Pour the sugar into the water and then hand it over until the sugar dissolves in the water, then put it over medium heat until it boils, then add the lemon juice, then raise the heat until it boils for 2.5 minutes, then turn off the heat, then dip the metal spoon into the syrup and take it out, then by taking little syrup by your finger, then touch it in between your fingers, If you feel it is a sticky syrup or not, then if it is sticky this means that it is ready to continue the preparation, but if it is not sticky boil it again on high heat for 2 minutes until it becomes sticky, then add the butter and honey to the syrup and stir until it melts the butter, then let it cool at room temperature, then syrup ready to use. Place it in a bowl and store it at room temperature.

After the sugar syrup is ready, use a small brush and dip it into the syrup, then after it is baked and while it is hot brush the puff pastry pieces as much as you need them to be sweet.


Storage: Keep it in freezer and away from the sun.

Made in the USA